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Since 2001, our construction has grown into becoming one of our most successful and expanding areas of business offering our customers total construction, material procurement, equipment rentals and architectural design consultancy.


Like to our transportation business, most of our construction customers are Local units working all over the country. We have been working with FWO, NLC and other military contingents of Pak Army.  Our construction line includes both infra-structural and supra-structural development taking into consideration the environment.

We facilitate our customers in building civil or heavy and industrial total construction.  The FICUS Builders & Developers is the first group of companies in Pakistan who has specialized organs such as a Design Team, Financial Advisors, Legal Consultants, Expertise Interaction Cell (EIC), and a Procurement Wing (PW).  All these advanced and highly specialized organs work under the vision of The FICUS Builders & Developers

Our project management system has access to the most remote and far flung areas of the country and we are proud to say that we have met our customers’ project timelines even in the most difficult climatic conditions on one hand and disruptive peace conditions on the other. This kind of diligence is the result having a team of both international and national experienced project management staff who are capable to work in a challenging environment of multitasking.

Ranging from the paper drawing and computer aided designs to planning, execution, environmental impacts, site safety, and risk assessment; we have an integrated web of ever-increasing and multiphase organizational channel which is vital to our guiding principle of being customer focused

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